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Personal Banking

Northern Star Bank offers a checking account with generous features that will fit nearly everyone’s needs. It has been designed to meet the checking account needs of households and individuals.

Account holders are not required to maintain a minimum balance. There are no monthly service fees, deposit fees, or check writing fees. We provide our customers with free Northern Star Bank check blanks.

Northern Star Bank checking account customers may apply for a free Northern Star Bank Star Card. You will be able to use the card free of activity fees at selected cash machines.

The interest rate paid on your account will vary according to the balance.

A service fee of $6.00 per month will apply if the account balance falls below $25.00 anytime during the month. To help you encourage your children to save, Northern Star Bank will waive this service fee.

Our bank’s money market account is designed to help you earn interest on reserve funds while giving you the flexibility of writing checks. The Money Market Account is divided into interest tiers based on your balance. Interest rates are variable; interest is accrued on the collected balance and is paid at the end of each month. A service fee of $10.00 is applied if the balance falls below $2,500.00 anytime during your statement cycle.

Depositors may make unlimited withdrawals in person on this account. Six preauthorized transfers are allowed per statement cycle: They may be checks to third parties, phone transfers, Telebanc transfers, sweeps, or electronic debits.

Since the beginning of modern day banking money in a certificate of deposit has been one of the best ways to provide for major purchases or for your retirement. Northern Star Bank offers flexibility and competitive rates on these popular investments. We can pay interest by check or credit your checking or savings accounts. A $500.00 minimum opening balance is required. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Northern Star Bank can help you with your long range retirement planning by setting up an IRA to fit your financial needs. Which IRA is right for you?

IRA Contribution Limits


Age 49 & Below

Age 50 & Above













Traditional IRA Profile

  • Tax deductible contributions (depending on income level)
  • Withdraws begin at age 59 1/2 and are mandatory by 70 1/2.
  • Taxes are paid on earnings when withdrawn from the IRA
  • Funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, etc.)
  • Available to everyone; no income restrictions
  • All funds withdrawn (including principal contributions) before 59 1/2 are subject to a 10% penalty (subject to exception).

Roth IRA Profile

  • Contributions are not tax deductible
  • No Mandatory Distribution Age
  • All earnings and principal are 100% tax free if rules and regulations are followed
  • Funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, etc.)
  • Available only to single-filers making up to $95,000 or married couples making a combined maximum of $150,000 annually.
  • Principal contributions can be withdrawn any time without penalty (subject to some minimal conditions).

For assistance in choosing the right IRA, call us today.

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